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The Rope 04:06
At the start, every idol had a knife in its heart. Made those works of art and we climbed up their backs eroding all we could find, top to bottom. The walls, they fall, they fall, not all at once but in spells, one crumb at a time and we tell ourselves that things are always the same. They fade in front of our eyes. Bottom of glasses turn into tassels, burning my stomach, deeper destruction. Impossible phone calls that stretch to the end of the earth, tedious downfalls, blurring the edge of the fall. The light in the tunnel is a funnel of booze, ride it hard down the river, the sail rope a noose and your eyes so distorted, your words start to lose any purpose or pattern, asleep in your shoes. The sequence is subtle and it carries a tune: all the romance of habit we picked up too soon. Too late to weep and too early for pride, so we float down the river, mistakes that we made and we ride.
Bodega Cat 03:48
Cracks in the ice, so late to the party... I just wanted to say, "you're doing ok." Phone makes it's penance for me but it's cracked facade don't look a thing like god, so wash it away, go out all day. Don't stop to say anything to anyone you couldn't have saved before. I've had enough of this pity fuck. It's such a pity that the party is a round up. He's in the back making eyes at bottles, he's in the back making messes of your self esteem. Another week, another month, Another sick compromise, and waiting patiently for it. We're so objective when we're pissing on their tombstones. We're so complete when we let that shit linger on: The boys have grown into men, they'll get what's coming to them. I'll wax with you now, back of the house, settling the ace and aftershocks. Such a safe and subtle lie. I fuck off, doom and gloom, stuck in all of their bad news, listen to her, get upset, go outside, find a bodega cat, alight to my room, waiting for another boom, wrapped up safe in summer vibes. The boys have grown into men. They'll get what's coming to them. I'll wax with you now, back of the house, ready for an aged psychology. Grip your twitter tight; it'll keep you safe at night. Got undressed alone, we couldn't know if anything could save you. Another day, another sun, another dick calling someone yellow. He's such a victim when he's making lists of migraines. He's such a bull when he's fucking with your self esteem. Another week, another month, another sick, and we're getting it all over ourselves. Such a safe and subtle lie.
FOIA 04:21
You wrote the words in November And i read them in the cold. I know the breaks, i know you want her And i needed to be told. I wanna make you tell me like you made me, with your hands on my throat. You drew my body in the softest light, Do you burn the paper when you kiss her lips. At this point it'd hurt less to know, At this point it couldn't hurt more to know. At this point it'd hurt less to know. At this point it couldn't hurt more. Cause you cast me aside, and you pushed me away, And you fold me like a card that you don't want to play. I feel alright, but I wonder why. In a fantasy world that you drew in your room, I'm kept in a cage And I stare at the moon, I feel alright, but I wonder why. This is eking out, I've been way too shallow. Come on, calm, just let me out. This doesn't have to be so hard now. I don't want to be someone else. This is not the way. What's your address? Don't ask questions. We're both moving in new directions. Out the window, throw your blessings. What's the point of a call back, when we need so much more? It's not treason, we're just breathing, but it's awful close. Lost my cellphone, like I like to when I'm far from home. Now I'm buried by the words you say. Swimming in a lake of this. At this point, it'd hurt less to know. At this point…
Testimonial 05:31
I can't do this. One false move and they'll follow me home again; they'll swallow me whole again. How forgiving of things I did when I watered them down for you and I moved them around for you. Moving out's in the back of our minds. Double thought, win/loss at the same time. Set an alarm for a month from today, put it off, and turn off the light. Didn't say goodnight. They said "he must be so talented, "all these balancing acts," while my tightrope got tighter and straight jacket fell to the floor. We're so charming when arms are so free, I just hang from your door while you're drifting off silently. I was ripping you off, I was wishing you'd cut my out violently, I'd have a hand. Are we less charming with no legs to stand? I probably don't want to know. Lost another family, looking for a center to what you know. Nothing lasts forever, this might be the year that we go back home. Burning wicks at both ends and seeing there's a dead for what I know. Held to broken promises, needing something honest to go back home. Months away, I'll return with a rose and a song, still holding on. Meet your new friend, your invite came to me like a dove, but it's bloody tonight; the light isn't right. I'm a record broken babbling, his likeness there is staggering, this man in my place holding tight to the back of you and I watch you from the shadows as you say goodbye to me and hello to him. I just can't believe this is what I need so I could realize I'm the reason this is happening. This is war! This is war, that's what they want you to think. Nothing left here but a bullet in an oil tank Hella fried, hella gone, off the way you move across me, move across me. Turn it off! No shit, I've lived in some ugly places: dark bodies chain linked to brilliant faces. Proud Mary, God Mode, I don't got no patience, right when you're woke, hit you with them slave ships. But if I could be your ghost... If I could be your ghost, right now... Take me away, back there to the hole where the city goes Back down in the hole where the city goes Back down in the hole where the silence grows Back down in the hole where the city goes... I don't want to know.
The Fall 02:42
We heard two sounds, no words, they're falling out of range. Their company was all that took the pain away. We had only our hands, and we still powered things. This house we built keeps us tethered firm to the ground. Snowed in, I guess. This might have to work for a while. I have one wish: to stand and die inside your love. Our debt is gone. Our maps are drawn. No new songs. I've seen all I need To know to go where this path leads. I ran to death, but drank up every drop of us I could. We trapped our hearts, encased in our memories. We have one wish: to fall out and break our legs at the bottom.


released July 20, 2018


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