1. The Longest Hallway
    Old Press Records

  2. Metamorphosis
    Fox Lake

  3. Habitation
    Fox Lake

  4. 2021 Sampler - Old Press Records
    Old Press Records

  5. Twin Flame
    Oka Sun

  6. Vivid

  7. Damper x Sloth & Turtle
    Old Press Records

  8. Growing Fins
    Growing Fins

  9. Existential Split
    Old Press Records

  10. Tourism
    Champagne Colored Cars

  11. Kalamari

  12. Carpool/Summerbruise Tour Split
    Old Press Records

  13. The Year Long Benefit Compilation
    Old Press Records

  14. Llarold
    Rawls Royce

  15. Oh, Joyless
    Vena Morris

  16. The Final Girl
    Old Press Records

  17. I Think Everyone's A Cop

  18. Easy Listening
    Dad Thighs

  19. Balancing Acts
    Good Looking Friends, Stay Inside

  20. Summer 2018 Sampler
    Old Press Records

  21. I Thought It'd Be Funny

  22. Abelia/Fathom Crux/Fulusu/Trying Science
    Old Press Records

  23. Settle In, Decay
    Good Looking Friends

  24. The Sea Engulfs Us and the Light Goes Out
    Stay Inside

  25. With a Heavy Heart
    Old Notes

  26. The Suburbs Have Ruined My Life

  27. You'll Live/Solanas/Algae Bloom/Good Times
    Old Press Records

  28. The World Is A Terrible Place & I Am Piss​-​My​-​Pants Afraid To Die
    ADULTS/21st Century Breakdown

  29. We Believe You
    Old Press Records

  30. Doggie Heaven
    Curse Words

  31. Boy to Man
    Arigarnon Friends

  32. Summerbruise/Superdose Gangway/The East/
    Old Press Records

  33. Gnarbage
    Pity Party

  34. Live at Gallery la Grotte

  35. Laughing EP
    By the End of Summer

  36. Old House 1

  37. Summer 2017 Sampler
    Old Press Records

  38. Ascend
    Mental Architects

  39. Milo
    Forget It.

  40. The Ghosts That I Fear
    Dad Thighs

  41. Monsoon Season
    Superdose Gangway

  42. 2016
    Old Press Records

  43. bummer vacation

  44. Cool

  45. Bane Of My Lifestyle
    Don't Worry

  46. Inked

  47. Forget It./TUT Split
    Old Press Records

  48. Buttons and Mindy // Hit Home Split
    Old Press Records

  49. Redacted Summer Mixtape Volume 1
    Old Press Records

  50. Former Self
    Old Notes

  51. Melon Enema
    Eat Me

  52. when i was young i would type your name just to see it in front of me

  53. Two-hundred-second EP

  54. Two-hundred-second EP (instrumental version)


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