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Thanks to every band that has been willing to trust me with their art, passion, and hard work. I hope I did a good job for you.


released January 1, 2017

Album Art: Stefanie Watkins


all rights reserved



Old Press Records Salt Lake City, Utah

Amazing bands, mediocre label. Happily bringing phenomenal music from around the world straight to you!

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Track Name: Drawstring - Cool
and i know, we’re falling apart
four months down the line.
and we’re back to the start.
i felt it
deep within.
you’re cooler than everyone else
and so much taller than myself
Track Name: Invalids - The Dynamics Are Just Different
When did each breath start to matter?
More for the vacuum
When did we stop turning over?
Hands on a shoulder

A morning sun will come
To spite hollow molting

Where did our habits go?
Where, but its half-lit glow?
Track Name: Pity Party - Suicide Handbook
this epitaph is all I dream,
through all those nights spent without sleep,
this stagnant pace will never last,
the pain we hide within our pasts,
i wonder when these moments end,
content facade is my pretend,

wrists have watched scars heal with time,
each silver mark serves to remind..

You said shit would get better,
It only ever stays the same.
You said shit would get better,
Nothing good ever stays.
You said shit would get better,
All I have are bad days.
You said shit would get better,
All I have are bad days.
You said shit would get better,
All I have are bad days.
You said shit would get better,
All I have are bad days.
You said shit would get better,
All I have are bad days.
Track Name: Hit Home - Burdener
These hands can’t

hold the weight of this head when it falls into them.

This chest can’t hold the weight of this heart.

And the floorboards?

Let’s not waste breath kidding ourselves here.

Your bones are screaming I want out.

How the fuck can I let go of things that won’t let go of me
Track Name: Body Thief - Catalina Blue
Life is a book
And the Author is unknown
I envision that he lives in
A cabin on a mountain all alone
And he constantly
paces back and forth
Mustering up new ways
To knock life off its course
And the days that he feels pain
We feel it too
The days he is enraged
We start a war without a clue
Of our motive
Bodies turning blue
No commotion
And he wonders why
Along side me and you

Or maybe that's just my excuse
For when I'm feeling down
My eccentric myth of reason
why your not around
My prescription
To sleep safe and sound
My religion of this
"cat and mouse"

Or maybe it's the guilt

That godforsaken guilt I get
When I lay down my head to rest
I can't clear my head
Track Name: Superdose Gangway - Now You've Grown Out of Me, I Hope I'm Not a Bad Memory
In the car lacking conversation, you wrote our names in the condensation. Maybe we should sit and talk for a while. I just want to see you smiling. You're looking for something more. I've given you all I can afford. The key's in the ignition and you've locked the doors. I held you and we swayed to Where is My Mind in the kitchen of a party in mid-July. Later, I was surprised to find that my t-shirt had a wet shoulder from where you'd been crying. Avoiding my eyes to hide your pupils as they shrink, but battered eyelids are hard to blink. (I was your illness but you found a cure, I'll pretend that's exactly what I hoped for.) I realise, now, that I can't live without the side you've shown that no one knows. Now you've grown out of me, I hope I'm not a bad memory.